A low-cost solution to your small space requirements.

Our innovative and industry-leading line of stands is used by everyone from machine shops to pharmaceutical companies. With six standard configurations and four top styles, all shipped welded and assembled, our shop/machine stands are the answer to your size-limited task requirements. Rugged tubular steel frames, industrial-grade work surfaces, and 3,000 lb or more weight capacities will withstand most anything you can throw at them.

These units are sturdy enough to mount your heavy machinery but yet versatile enough to move easily around your workspace, making it easy to get your job done. Mount them permanently to the floor or add the optional caster set (sold separately) for optimum utilization. You need something in just a little bigger or smaller size, higher weight capacity or different configuration to meet your specific needs? Contact us, and we’ll get you set up with a customized item exactly as you require it. And with all our stands, you receive them assembled and ready-to-use!

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Shop Stand Styles

Standard (no shelves)

One shelf

Two shelves

Cabinet style

Drawer and shelf

Shop Stand Sizes

18" W x 24" H x 24" D

18" W x 30" H x 24" D

18" W x 36" H x 24" D

24" W x 24" H x 36" D

24" W x 30" H x 36" D

24" W x 36" H x 36" D