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Our staff has the knowledge and experience to answer any questions you may have about building custom workshop furniture, so if you have any questions, please give us a call at (800) 644-4934.

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Do you offer design assistance for custom items?

Although we have found it easier to work from at least a conceptual sketch provided by the end-user, we will offer any help we can to get your ideas off the paper and into your facility. We strive to engineer the final product not only to function the way you expect but to be as durable as our standard product offerings.

Do you offer other steel color or laminate options?

Yes. We can color match paint for you at an additional charge. We primarily use Wilsonart hpl laminates, so we can offer essentially everything they have available (again, some at an additional charge). We can also produce your product utilizing custom printed laminates with no minimum purchase required.

Does Built-Rite custom manufacture any items?

We will customize and build any item you need as long as we feel confident in our ability to produce the item with the quality you require. We can add an inch to the length of a bench, change the height of a cabinet, or make an item specific to your exact requirements.

What are custom laminates?

They are digitally printed, hpl materials pressed into an actual sheet of laminate. These materials have the same qualities of standard hpl laminates except what you see is not a standard pattern or color; it could be a company logo, photo, anything unique to your individual needs. Call us or visit for more information.

Does Built-Rite stock items?

Because we offer several choices in steel colors, bench tops, configurations, etc., all of our products are made to order. We carry no ready-to-ship finished goods in inventory.

What are our product lead times?

Typically we like to stay around two weeks from the order date. Some items can ship more quickly, and others will take a little longer. Customized items might run an additional week, and large quantities will also add to the time from order to shipment.

How can I purchase your work shop products?

Built-Rite offers our products through a network of local and national industrial & material handling distributors, along with several catalog-style distributors. If you need assistance finding a distributor near you or have other questions regarding our products, please contact us by phone, fax or email.

If you wish to purchase our products for resale and are not currently an active distributor, please fill out the "Become a Distributor" form to get started.

Where do Built-Rite products ship from?

All of our products ship from our manufacturing facility in Stanley, Wisconsin 54768 and are definitely "Made in the USA".

Are there minimum purchase requirements for custom-built items?

Absolutely not. Whether you need a single item or hundreds, we will work with you to build a unit that does everything you need it to in the space with which you have to work.

Can you send me a full-line product catalog?

Since we have been updating and re-engineering our product lines over the last couple years, we are relying on our website to provide the most accurate and recent information regarding them at this time.

What are the standard heights of Built-Rite products?

For our stationary workbenches, the standard height is 31", mobile workbenches - 34", cabinet workbenches - 34", tech benches - 30", shop/machine stands - 24", 30" & 36".

What materials are used in the construction of your products?

For most of our items, we use 1-1/2" square 18 gauge tubular steel for the framework. That includes our shop stands, workbench legs, mobile workstations, and computer cabinets.

For the cabinet workbenches and select other items, we utilize 1" square 18 gauge tubular steel for the frame. All of the doors, sides, and back panels are made from 18, 20, or 22 gauge sheet steel and are welded into place.

What is your standard amount of adjustability?

Our manually adjustable (nut and bolt) units have a range of 6", and our hydraulically adjustable (hand crank) units have a 12" range.

What are your standard color options?

Standard enamel steel colors are beige, black, blue, gray, and red.

Standard high pressure laminate (hpl) options are almond, black, gray, and white.

What is the weight capacity of your bench tops?

Fully and properly supported, the bench tops we manufacture have a standard static weight capacity of 200 lbs per sq. ft., evenly distributed.

What type of drawer slides do you use?

We use 20" ball bearing slides that are full-extension and have a weight capacity of 100 lbs.

What is the weight capacity of a product with your standard casters.

Our 3" casters are rated at 125 lbs each, and the 4" & 5" casters are rated at 250 lbs each. A 30x60 mobile bench with four 5" casters has a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs.

How much assembly will be required?

That depends on the product ordered. Shop stands, cabinet workbenches, mobile workstations, computer cabinets, and some others ship fully assembled.

Workbenches, packing benches, reel racks, and others ship KD and require assembly by the end user. Assembly instructions are included with the shipment and marked accordingly.