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Built-Rite BR Inc., commonly known throughout the material handling industry simply as Built-Rite, has had its company roots and facility in Stanley, Wisconsin since 1994. Although we are a relative “new-comer” to the industrial workbench, workstation, and material handling lines of business, our products have become a standard for many companies throughout the United States and beyond. Our Wisconsin location affords us a central location to the lower 48 states that helps keep the freight costs to a minimum to move our product competitively.

Probably the most recognized Built-Rite products are our line of shop/machine stands, but quickly gaining popularity are the bench top, workbench, and cabinet lines. To save the distributor or final customer installation and set-up time they may not have at their disposal, the products we manufacture, with the exception of our workbenches, ship to the end-user fully assembled and ready for use.

Helping design the ideal work
stand for your business.

We are dedicated to providing the best customer service available. Our friendly staff will make product suggestions, help you through the design process, and even update you throughout the production process if you would like.

Our assistance doesn't just end with the front-end of the sale. If there are any problems with the product, we’ll be sure to work with you to find the most appropriate and satisfactory solution for everyone involved. Every customer is just as important to us as the next and a big part of the reason why we say “Built-Rite: It’s not just our name, it’s our philosophy.”

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Custom Industrial Furniture

Although Built-Rite has developed several standard product offerings, we take pride in our ability to build exactly what you want.

Sometimes what an end-user requires doesn’t fit into the “cookie-cutter” designs or configurations offered by us or our competition. Rather than force you to purchase a product that doesn't work for you, we prefer to take the time to design a solution based on your specific requirements, regardless of whether you desire one or 100 units. From concept to the final product, you can rely on Built-Rite to meet your specific needs.

Minimal Lead Times

In today’s world of the “need-it-now” mentality, we try to limit the time to produce our customer orders to about two weeks. That includes both our standard made-to-order products and the custom items.

Although there are always exceptions, our customers can plan on placing an order and receiving the final product in less than one month. We are continually improving our product packaging, so when the item arrives at its final destination, it’s in the same shape as when it left our plant.